10 Offensive Linemen to Watch in 2022 High School Football Season

By: Mark Lane

High school football recruiting can be an exhausting process, but it can also lead to some rewarding experiences. If you’re a HS Football Recruiting Coordinator, then you know all about the ups and downs of finding players who are confident in their abilities and willing to commit to their future at the next level. Check out this article for a listing of the top offensive linemen in 2022 high school football season. Read on to learn more!

What is the big deal with offensive linemen?

Offensive linemen are the “big guys” on the football field. Their job is to protect their quarterback, and help their running backs gain as many yards as possible. There are four positions on an offensive line: the center, two guards, and two tackles. These guys are the first line of defense, and often the most unheralded players on a football team. This is why high school football recruiting for offensive linemen is so critical.

The Importance of Offensive Linemen in Football

One of the most important jobs for offensive linemen is to protect the quarterback. They spend their time in the trenches, face-to-face with the other team’s defensive linemen. This means that quarterbacks have a chance to stay healthy and play the game they love. Running backs also have an advantage with offensive linemen in their way. These players can keep defenders at bay while the running back tries to find an opening. This allows the running back to get through to the end zone.

Top 10 Offensive Linemen to Watch in 2022 HS Football Season

These are the top offensive linemen to watch during the 2022 high school football season. They are all strong players who could be the leader of their team and make a big difference on the field. They all have the potential to be great offensive linemen in college and beyond. All 10 of these players are worth checking out, whether you’re in high school football recruiting or a college coach looking for future players.

Honorable Mention: HS football players to watch in 2022

While there are many top offensive linemen in the 2022 high school football season, this article also has an honorable mention. These are players who are worth watching in the 2022 high school football season, but didn’t quite make the top 10 list. – Beau Billingsley- Billingsley is another top offensive lineman, who could be a leader on the field in 2022. He’s already committed to play football at the University of Arizona. – Tanner Bowles- Bowles could be a leader for his team in 2022. He currently plays on the offensive line and is committed to the University of Washington. – Zach Hannon- Hannon is a key player for the University of Virginia. He’s committed to playing for the Cavaliers in 2022. – Gabe Brandner- Brandner could be a leader for his team during the 2022 season. He has committed to play at Arizona State University. – Talanoa Hufanga- Hufanga should be a key offensive lineman for the University of California in 2022. He’s currently committed to play football there. – Grant Johnson- Johnson has a long time to wait before he can play on the field for Virginia Tech, but he could be a huge asset for the team in 2022. He’s committed to playing football there. – Mark Boswell- Boswell is a player who could have a big impact on the University of Southern California team in 2022. He’s committed to playing there. – Cade Spigner- Spigner is another offensive lineman who could lead his team in 2022. He’s committed to playing for the University of South Carolina.


Offensive linemen are a critical part of any football team. They are the “big guys” who protect the quarterback and work to open running lanes for the team’s running back. In high school football recruiting, offensive linemen can be hard to find. To succeed, offensive linemen must be physically strong, but also have quick feet and a good grasp of blocking strategies.

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