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Georgia High School Football

The GHSFHA is devoted to chronicling the history of Georgia high school football, however, you’ll be part of the 20,000+ fans who have a history because it happens delivered to their inbox on a daily basis of the season!

Todd Holcomb and Chip Saye’s Georgia High School Football Regular should have been a free e-mail article. Holcomb is a co-founder and first researcher of the Georgia High School Soccer Historians Group, as well as a longtime high school football reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Saye has been active in high school sports with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for 25 years.

Georgia High School Football

Georgia High School Football Streaming

Stream GHSFHA football from high schools across Georgia, both live & on-demand, via HsFootballHUB.

Season:Boys Varsity Football 2022
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Georgia High School Football Historians Association – GHSFHA

The HsFootballHub sports team is updating scores from Georgia High School Football games during the season. Scores will be modified as the games play. Game stories and photo galleries will be updated after the games have finished.

Georgia High School Helmet Project

Welcome to the historic portion of the Georgia High School Helmet Project. This segment was introduced after talking to a friend regarding some of the older schools that no longer operate for one cause or another. I thought it would be a smart idea to show the helmets of the now-defunct squads. I’ve been debating how best to do this, and I know the knowledge about schools that no longer exist is going to be challenging to get through. I’m sure I’m going to have to rely on the people who attended these colleges, thinking they’ll be willing to help me out.

The Internet is a wonderful opportunity, but most of the teams I’m going to be working with here go a long way before the Internet came. Taking that into account, very little, if anything, will be accessible on the world wide web in the way of developing a helmet or a photo. Old yearbooks will be the perfect resource to locate what I need. If your school is now dead and you would like to have your old high school helmet shown, please contact me by email at and I’ll be pleased to take a picture and upload it. Instead of attempting to post a short history of the squad, I felt it was better to take you to the Georgia High School Football Historians Association website. Once there, you can scan for every squad that has ever played in the state of Georgia. They’ve got some interesting details out there. So there’s no point in me attempting to reinvent the wheel, so to say. Here you will have the chance to share some details you have with other fans regarding your club. There are a number of sites open for debate.

I’m not intending to go back much farther than 1960, so I’m going to have to wait to see what kind of curiosity it causes, and then I’m going to be able to say a bit more about where I want to go with it. I’m not trying to think too much about the regions in which they competed because they’ve evolved too much over the years. Like in every other classroom, the designs of the helmet are continually evolving. I feel like the last helmet worn will be the one more people recall, and that’s what I’d like to prove. But if I can’t find a helmet from the last year they played, I’m going to settle for what I can offer. If you can support me in some way, I would really appreciate it! Even, I didn’t intend to show the latest team helmets that aren’t historical yet public demand, there’s no chance I might get away from it. So, as with all the deceased colleges, the new teams’ helmets have modified. Others only alter once, whilst others change more much. We’re trying to give people everything they want to see, so whatever I have to do to complement what I’m going to do. If you have any ideas on something else you would like to see, please contact me at one of the email addresses mentioned above.

Georgia High School Football Fans

If you’re like me and you’re a fan of Georgia High School Football, you’ll need to equip yourself with the resources you need to gain details during the season. I recall the days when my main source of high school soccer coverage was the local newspaper or the radio. There are a lot of tools out there now that you can use and keep your favorite squad up-to-date – even though you reside in a distant state like me.

Let me start by saying that I was disappointed that this year there was no quality preview magazine. In the past seasons, Friday Night Football published the previews, but this year they opted not to print them. There’s another teaser publication that appears to have been running for a lot of years, but I wouldn’t suggest it. In reality, their magazine has yet to come out, and we’re only in week 2 of the season. Even without preview magazines, there are a number of sites where you can get details.

Sign up for Georgia High School Football Daily. This is a free e-mail update from Todd Holcomb and Chip Saye. Holcomb is a longtime high school football writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and co-founder and lead scholar of the Georgia High School Football Historians Group. Saye is a 25-year member of the journalism industry, covering high school athletics for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Athens Banner-Herald, Anderson (S.C.) Independent-Mail and Gwinnett Daily News. The newsletter includes regional standings, plans, interviews, figures, and just about all you need to read. Subscribe

If you want past statistics and documents or something regarding Georgia High School Football, please bookmark the Georgia High School Football Historians Association page. It’s all incredible. I might get stuck on this page for hours looking at previous outcomes and statistical records. These guys have done a terrific job.

When the results come in on Friday evenings, one of my spots is, which will keep you posted on scores. They still have game stories and other features that you’re going to want to read. They still have a GA HS Scores program for your computer, so you can keep track of scores when you’re out.

If you choose to see an event-of-the-week game, Georgia Public Broadcasting can display it on its website or on its GPB Sports app. They even have a scoreboard and stories that you may like watching. They’re still doing a fine job covering the college championship games.

If you live in the Middle Georgia area and want to keep up with the teams there, you can watch the highlights of Football Friday night on Saturday morning at Watching Football Friday night used to be my habit while I was living there.

I’m still also watching the squads of Warner Robins, and the easiest app to do so is the SportsMic app. They broadcast the games of the Houston County teams as well as stories. I’m going to listen to Warner Robins’ games from this app because I transferred from there.

The Palmer Media Collective is another strong source of knowledge. Tommy Palmer, whom I call Georgia High School Football’s voice, will host the Georgia High School Football Scoreboard Presentation from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Friday nights. He’s even making podcasts with “Last Week’s Best Sports” and “Last Week’s Top 10 Players.” He’s still hosting “Countdown to Kickoff.”

Often I’ll be at the forefront of the national lists of high school sports. The greatest source I’ve used is the USA Today Super 25.

I have found that you can go to the websites or Roku channels for local television stations in Atlanta, Savannah, Albany, Columbus, Augusta, and others to get more news.

It’s a lot more now than it was back in my high school days. After my sophomore year, when I transferred from Villa Rica High School to Tompkins High School in Savannah, Georgia, the only way I could keep track of Villa Rica’s football results was to go to the school library and get the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. We’ve come a long way here.

Teams to beat: Not much has improved since the beginning, with Grayson (7A), Valdosta (6A), Warner Robins (5A), Marist (4A), Cedar Grove (3A), Rabun County (2A), Eagle’s Landing Christian (A Private) and Irwin County (A Public) rated No. 1. They all stay in the vicinity. But track the Metter. The most significant challenge to capture a state championship that was underestimated in the run-up to the season is the Tigers, a Class A Public Team that is 9-0 and ranked No. 1 for the first time since 1982. Metter has never won a national championship in football.


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