Illinois High School Football 2022 Live Update – Illinois Playoff Game: Find the Score

Illinois High School Football

Illinois High School Football is going to be a blast in 2022. The state of Illinois is filled with top private and public schools, with many being perennial contenders. Even though the Chicago Public League has dominated the past decade, there are plenty of teams that can compete. States outside of Illinois have stepped up their programs as well. Check out the biggest storylines coming into Week 6 of the season and beyond:

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Big Changes Coming to Illinois High School Football in 2022

The biggest change to Illinois high school football in 2022 is the addition of Friday night games. Administrators have been discussing the idea of adding Friday games for the past few years. It was rumored that a few districts had already started the transition to Friday night games for the 2022 season. However, it seems that will no longer be the case. The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) confirmed to CBS Sports the news that Friday night football games will be a reality in 2022.

New Playoff System on the Way for 2022 Season

Just like the Big Ten is introducing a new playoff system in 2021, the IHSA is following suit. Starting in 2022, the playoffs will be a five-week tournament with a single-elimination format. The new system will see the top eight teams in the state qualify for the tournament. It was expected that the new system would be used for the 2021 season, but it appears we have to wait a few months longer. Exactly what the IHSA plans to do with the state championship is still up in the air. The current format has been in place since 2010, so there might be some growing pains when the new system is implemented. The IHSA is obviously in favor of the new system, as they announced the new system will be used in 2022.

Week 6 Schedule Announced – Downers Grove vs. Maine South (Friday, November 23)

The first Friday Night Football game of the season will be between Downers Grove and Maine South at 7 p.m. on November 23. Both teams are expected to be top contenders this season. Downers Grove finished in the top five in both the Illinois High School Football Coaches Association (IHSA) and Associated Press (AP) state rankings. Maine South is one of the top programs in the state and has won eight state championships since the turn of the century. The game will be broadcast on WGLD 101.9 FM and streamed live on

Week 7 Schedule Announced – North Central vs. Maine West (Friday, November 30)

The next Friday Night Football game will be between North Central and Maine West at 7 p.m. on November 30. With the first two games of the season being decided by close margins, there is a good chance the Week 7 game will be too. The winner of that game will have a great chance to make a run at the state championship. North Central was ranked in the top five in both the IHSA and AP state rankings. Maine West was ranked in the top ten and will be a fierce competitor in the playoffs. The game will be broadcast on WGLD 101.9 FM and streamed live on

2020 Recruiting Class to Feature Top Players from Illinois High Schools

As the 2021 recruiting class begins to take shape, it is time to look ahead to 2022. One of the most exciting things about the 2021 class is the fact that several top players from the 2020 class will be playing in high school. With so many schools switching up their schedules in 2021, the 2022 recruiting class will be different as well. With the rise of private and public schools outside of the Chicago Public League, there are many top players in other parts of the state. There are several top players in the state that will make a huge impact in 2022. The top player, though, is Oscar Fitzpatrick. The offensive lineman has committed to Ohio State and will be one of the best in the nation.

OGTadium2 Coming to Aurora IL in 2022 with All-Star Game and Future Games Planned

The biggest news in Illinois high school football has to be the news surrounding the Aurora, Illinois location (OGTadium) for 2022. OGTadium was built in the early 2000s and has been used for several high school sporting events. However, the IHSA had to declare the venue unsafe. That led to a meeting with officials from the city of Aurora. They offered the IHSA a solution to fix the problem. The IHSA’s solution was to add a roof to the field. The roof would be constructed so that it could be removed if it wasn’t needed. Now that the IHSA has approved the change to the field, construction will start on July 31.

Final Words: Don’t Miss a Moment in Illinois High School Football!

When it comes to the best sports in the world, there is no question that high school football is right up there. The action is fast-paced and exciting. The best players in the state are competing against one another. There are so many storylines coming into Week 6 of the season and beyond. With so many top programs in the state and a new Friday night game format, you won’t want to miss a moment in Illinois high school football.

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