Notre Dame Was A Dream School For Armel Mukam, But Not For The Reasons You Think

Uploaded by: Sports Illustrated Notre Dame Fighting Irish News, Analysis and More, Aug 28, 2022

For some, Notre Dame is a very easy sell. Tremendous education, high degree football, brand recognition, program tradition, “SEC degree football with an Ivy Organization education and learning,” as well as 4 for 40 has actually developed into 4 for Permanently … those are the regular things that you hear about the Notre Dame program when hires go with the Irish.

Those points were again reiterated when 2023 Woodberry Forest (Va.) Senior high school protective end Armel Mukam picked the Irish after initially being committed to Stanford. The boy of moms and dads born in Cameroon and also Chad, Mukam invested his childhood growing up in Montreal, with a proclivity and also love for hockey.

In spite of that upbringing, Notre Dame has actually long stood as Mukam’s favored program. As a matter of fact, it has been his desire institution for time. Paradoxically, it was his origins on the ice that first started his admiration for the Notre Dame program.

” Maturing, I truly gravitated toward the Notre Dame hockey program,” Mukam discussed. “They were my favored team and also I can’t wait to head to some games when I rise there. It was just something concerning that gold safety helmet.”

Quickly enough, he will be dawning a different form of that golden helmet. It had actually been a long trip for Mukam. To assume that a couple years ago, the Canadian wasn’t even playing American football.

To go from that to committed to Notre Dame’s very ranked class in such a short amount of time is really stunning as well as inspirational. It’s the journey that is making this success so satisfying to Mukam and also his family members.

” I matured playing soccer, hockey, and handball in Canada,” Mukam described. “Hockey was always my main sport. I believe that playing hockey has actually truly aided me with my foot work and that comes out on the football area.

” I’m light on my feet and also eruptive,” proceeded the 6-4, 250-pound end. “Being the hefty guy on the ice, I was still able to relocate well and make plays. I stopped playing in 2014. Woodberry doesn’t have hockey so currently it’s all football for me. I assume it recommended the best.”

The athletic qualities appear when you pop on Mukam’s movie. The reality that he has so little experience is both the unpleasant as well as amazing part of his account. There’s no informing just exactly how great this youngster could be when his technique matches the all-natural presents.

Mukam was a substantial get for Stanford while he was in the course. High benefit athlete, great boy, remarkable trainee, it was quite a sell. Nevertheless, the minute Notre Dame got involved in the picture, it was practically a done offer. It was the offer that Mukam was waiting on.

” When Notre Dame can be found in and also provided me, it was a truly simple decision for me,” he stated. “They have actually constantly been my dream institution. Notre Dame was the only college that I would have turned for.

” I was just telling individuals a couple of weeks ago that even if Alabama and Georgia supplied me, I wouldn’t have taken it,” Mukam proceeded. “Notre Dame has the No. 4 business school and play exceptional football. It simply made too much feeling. Plus I grew up with the snow so might also keep that going.”

Throughout this trip, Mukam’s family members has actually been the rock for the gifted protector with an extremely challenging transition from Canada to Woodberry Forest. All their activities have been for their boy’s future, as well as he has actually spent a great deal of time away in order to attain his desires. Mukam understands those sacrifices as well as his family can currently share in this current success.

” They were all really satisfied,” he discussed. “It’s mosting likely to take the weight off of their shoulders as well as not have to bother with spending for me going to university. I think I’m additionally setting an actually fine example for my 2 younger sisters to set huge objectives and help them.”

Being a role model is especially vital to Mukam. It does not start and finish with his sis, although they are necessary. No, he completely comprehends the position he is in.

Although things have actually obtained a lot easier for Canadian birthed recruits than they when were, exposure still provides difficulties. There are a lot of players who go neglected or ignored totally. Mukam wants to be the next success story in the pipe and also continue the current string of success.